Alexandra Nicole Braga Calingo

Miss Photogenic & Miss Talent

Filipina American   |   Age 22   |   Greenbrae, CA

I’d like to thank my parents, Ashley, Arienne, beloved extended family, and dear friends for the temendous support.  You all are amazing for shaping me into the young woman that I am today.

Academic and Work History: UC Berkeley (BA, Anthropology ‘09)/Dominican University (Biology ‘10)

Platform: Ending the Cycle of Bullying. My platform is important to the Asian American community because it is a pressing issue that we all can benefit from learning about since it is something that everyone has experienced–as a bully, victim, or witness.

Role Model: Eleanor Mariano, the first Filipino American graduate of the Uniformed Services University of Medicine, reached the rank of Rear Admiral and was the first woman to be the director of the White House Medical Unit, serving as White House Physician for President Clinton and President Bush. Her dedication inspires me in my career path in medicine.

Sponsors: Dr. and Mrs. Luis Calingo, 6 business cards; Braga, Marcias, Millares, Visque, Surface Families; Josie Calica; Lourdes Rebodal; Mr & Mrs Honisimo Braga

Liza Chu

Miss Congeniality

Vietnamese American   |   Age 19   |   Stockton, CA

I sincerely thank my sponsors for the continual support in all my goals: Full House Beauty Supply; Miss Vietnam of Northern California Intercollegiate; Diva Nails; and Nguyen Dental Practice. To mommy, daddy, and big brother: I love you, and thanks for your patience and faith in me.

Academic and Work History: Bear Creek High School (‘09)/Tutor

Platform: Promoting higher education. My platform is important to the Asian American community because through mentor programs, struggling Asian American students — with personal obstacles or language barriers — can seek the critical guidance in order to pursue college.

Role Model: Anh Cao is the first Vietnamese American Congressman, representing Louisiana’s 2nd District. Cao has worked to rebuild the Vietnamese community post-Katrina and continues to voice the plea of gulf fishermen (30% are of Vietnamese heritage), demonstrating a leadership quality that is simply inspirational.

Sponsors: Full House Beauty Supply and
Miss Vietnam of Northern California Intercollegiate Pageant hosted by UVSA Norcal

Nancy Kwong

Second Princess & Best in Ethnic Costume

Amanda Lee

First Princess & Miss Asian California

Chinese American   |   Age 23   |   Davis, CA

I want to deeply thank my family, friends, and sponsors for their constant love and support. To Rose Chung and the MAAP staff, thank you for the constant guidance.

Academic and Work History: San Francisco State (BA, Communication ‘09)/Client Representative

Platform: Promoting awareness on the representation of women in the media. My platform is important to the Asian America community because I feel it is important for us to reshape the portrayal of Asian American women in the media as independent strong-minded individuals.

Role Model: Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club, is my role model because she was able to climb through all the obstacles of being a female minority and reach her goal of becoming a successful writer. It is inspiring to me that she makes her voice heard and is able to depict Chinese culture through literature.

Sponsors: Asbury Construction, Circle Bank, Attorney Specialist Insurance Agency, Inc., Country Inn Retirement Home, Inc.

Sarah Liu

Miss Asian America Queen

Chinese American   |   Age 19   |   Fremont, CA

Being part of the MAAP has been a wonderful experience and journey of growth. I owe my achievements to the loving support from my sponsors, friends, parents, grandmother, and my sister Monica. Thank you!

Academic and Work History: UC Berkeley (BS, Business Administration ‘13)/Financial Advisory Intern

Platform: Raising awareness about Hepatitis B, how it affects Asian Americans, and the testing and vaccination available to promote a healthier future. My platform is important to the Asian American community because out of the 1.25 million people affected with Hepatitis B, over half are Asian Americans, most of whom don’t even know that they are infected.

Role Model: Maya Lin: Maya Lin, the brilliant artist and architect behind the Vietnam War Memorial, faced criticism and adversity for her design. However, her strength, perseverance, and courage to continue to stand up for what she wanted has inspired Asian American women like me for many decades.

Sponsors: Excel Test Prep , 20/20 Optometry , James Song Optometrist