Amy Chu

3rd Princess & Miss Asian San Francisco

Chinese American | Age: 22 | Oakland, CA
Academics: CSU East Bay
Platform: Adoption Advocacy
3 Words: Friendly, Positive, Caring
Sponsor: Ampeak Design & Construction

Aprileen Ann Coh

Miss Community Service

Chinese/Filipina American | Age: 25 | So. San Francisco, CA
Academics: Grad Student at San Jose State University
Platform: Importance of Mentors
3 Words: Ambitious, Dedicated, Passionate
Sponsors: Ameristar Investment Inc.; Countrywide Home Loans; Prudential California Realty

Ayushka Singh Gharib

2nd Princess

Indian American | Age: 20 | Artesia, CA
Academics: Cerritos College
Platform: Global Warming
3 Words: Sincere, Kind, Beautiful

Seayoon Jeong

Miss Popularity

Korean American | Age: 27 | Duluth, GA
Academics: University of Pennsylvania
Platform: Foster Care System
3 Words: Intelligent, Passionate, Unique
Sponsors: Korean Antique Gallery Myu, Inc.; Law Office of Alex C. Park; Soon Mo Ahn & Associates;
Chrisal International, Inc.

Ilyssa Jing Lu

Miss Scholastic Achievement

Chinese American | Age: 25 | Boston, MA
Academics: MIT
Platform: Leadership in Technology
3 Words: Determined, Perceptive, Enthusiastic