Maria Wong

Chinese | Age: 21 | San Francisco, CA

Academic and Work History: Esthetics at Skyline College of San Mateo, Class of 2009; Licensed Esthetician, 2nd degree black belt

Community Service: Lawton Elderly Center volunteer; V.I.P Girls (“Violence is Preventable”)

Platform: Increasing Knowledge & Understanding of the LGBT Community

Sponsors: California Property Guide and Korean Martial Arts Center

This pageant is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I will always look back at this moment and remember everyone who stood by my side, physically and mentally. Everyone that is a part of this pageant has worked diligently, and I will never forget this life-changing experience.

Jasmine Yuan

Chinese | Age: 24 | San Francisco, CA

Academic and Work History: Business Communication at University of Phoenix, Class of 2009

Community Service: California Scholarship Foundation; Volunteer for Moon Festivals, Chinese New Year Festivals; ACT ONE; On Lok Senior Care; Volunteer performer, Asian Pacific Islander Conference; Chinese Community Development Center; Youth Toastmasters Program in Fremont

Platform: Art education is the key to fostering our next generations to be successful

Sponsor: The Ivy Group

I want to thank my parents, friends and sponsors for all the support they have given me. I am so thankful for Miss Asian America Pageant has given me the opportunities for personal growth. The experiences I gained will make my dream of creating an art education foundation come true.

Jane Zhen Zhao

Chinese | Age: 24 | S. San Francisco, CA

Academic and Work History Business Economics at San Francisco State University; Television host for’s travel division

Platform: Bone Marrow Donor Awareness

Mengying Annie Zhou

Chinese | Age: 19 | San Jose, CA

Academic and Work History: Computer Science and Business Management Economics at UC Santa Cruz, ’10; Undergraduate Teacher’s Assistant in Economics; ( Junior Software Developer Intern

Platform: Profanity and the Casual Misuse: Is the English language so limited that we have to resort to using these words filled with vulgar expressions and innuendos?

Sponsor: The Harker School

I would like to thank my friends and family for all their help and support; the Miss Asian America Pageant family for giving me this opportunity and my sponsor and my amazing high school, The Harker School, for all the doors they have helped me open.