21st Annual Miss Asian America Poster

Katie N. Au

Second Princess

Chinese/Hawaiian | Age: 23 | Seattle, WA
Profession: Realtor
Platform: Women Need a Positive Self-Image
3 Words: Determined, Passionate, Hard-working

Jessica Feng

First Princess & Miss Asian California

Chinese | Age: 25 | Los Angeles, CA
Academics: PhD at UCLA
Platform: Breaking Asian Women Stereotypes
3 Words: Honest, Sweet, Outgoing
Sponsor: Calvin Louie, CPA

Jennifer Field

Miss Asian America Queen & Miss Talent

Korean/English/ Irish/German | Age: 24 | San Jose, CA
Profession: Sales/Marketing
Platform: Keeping the Arts in Schools
3 Words: Passionate, Open-minded, Enthusiastic
Sponsor: By Th’ Bucket Bar & Grill

Pa Dao Her

Hmong | Age: 22 | Stockton, CA
Academics: University of the Pacific
Platform: “TEACH”-ing Beyond
3 Words: Optimistic, Driven, Compassionate