Sarah Liu

Miss Asian America Queen

Chinese American   |   Age 19   |   Fremont, CA

Being part of the MAAP has been a wonderful experience and journey of growth. I owe my achievements to the loving support from my sponsors, friends, parents, grandmother, and my sister Monica. Thank you!

Academic and Work History: UC Berkeley (BS, Business Administration ‘13)/Financial Advisory Intern

Platform: Raising awareness about Hepatitis B, how it affects Asian Americans, and the testing and vaccination available to promote a healthier future. My platform is important to the Asian American community because out of the 1.25 million people affected with Hepatitis B, over half are Asian Americans, most of whom don’t even know that they are infected.

Role Model: Maya Lin: Maya Lin, the brilliant artist and architect behind the Vietnam War Memorial, faced criticism and adversity for her design. However, her strength, perseverance, and courage to continue to stand up for what she wanted has inspired Asian American women like me for many decades.

Sponsors: Excel Test Prep , 20/20 Optometry , James Song Optometrist

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