Angellica Yi

Miss Scholastic Achievement & Miss Popularity

Korean American   |   Age 26   |   Concord, CA

Thank you for the faith and loving support from my parents Kwang & Jin, grandparents, my brother Alan, compassionate relatives in America & Korea, kindhearted and loyal friends & family, Yul Kwon & family, professional networks from UC Berkeley, Federal & CA State Government, SSA, and the St. Mary’s College of CA.

Academic and Work History: UC Berkeley (BA, Political Science/English ‘06)/Social Insurance Specialist

Platform: Strengthening the anti-trafficking movement by focusing on community, leadership development, volunteerism, and a campus movement. My platform is important to the Asian American community because poverty and lack of economic opportunity make women and children, especially from Asian countries like South Korea, vulnerable to promises of job opportunities in other countries and potential victims of traffickers associated with international criminal organizations.

Role Model: Katherine Chon, the current President of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Polaris Project, is a committed social activist. A Korean American, she launched Polaris Project’s first office and built movements to fight trafficking and slavery with passion and determination.

Sponsors: St. Mary’s College of California, Korean BBQ Plus!, Farmers Insurance Group, Han Mi Department Store

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