25th Anniversary Pageant Night

Coronation – Queen Sarah Liu

Performer – Actress and Martial Arts Master Jing Li

Ethnic gown – Alexandra Calingo

Talent – Alexandra Calingo

Evening gown – Amanda Lee

Ethnic gown – Angellica Yi

Talent – Angellica Yi

Best in Ethnic gown – Nancy Kwong

Ethnic gown – Brijal Vadgama

Swimsuit – Brijal Vadgama

President Rose Chung and Court

Performer – Ayumi Perry

Coronation – Queen Amy Chanthaphavong crowning Queen Sarah Liu

Ethnic gown – Dolene Simmalavong

Evening gown – Melanie Wong

Queen Amy Chanthaphavong’s Farewell

Ethnic gown

Ethnic gown – Mijin Park

Miss Entrepreneur – Tabitha Wong

Evening gown – Nancy Kwong

Ethnic gown – Nancy Kwong

Swimsuit – Nancy Kwong

Ethnic gown – Rachanee Jaurequi

Swimsuit – Kristie Nguyen

Talent – Tabitha Wong

Evening Gown – Tiffany Tsui

Swimsuit – Tiffany Tsui

Talent – Tiffany Tsui

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