22nd Annual Poster

Terrine Romualdez Baluyut

Filipina/Spanish/Chinese American | Age: 21 | So. San Francisco, CA
Profession: Market Research Consultant
Platform: ESL Advocacy
3 Words: Dedicated, Ambitious, Amiable

Deborah Jennifer Buhler

Chinese/German American | Age: 22 | Loma Linda, CA
Profession: Communications Rep.
Platform: Asian Cultural Awareness
3 Words: Beautiful, Genuine, Benevolent

Amy Chu

3rd Princess & Miss Asian San Francisco

Chinese American | Age: 22 | Oakland, CA
Academics: CSU East Bay
Platform: Adoption Advocacy
3 Words: Friendly, Positive, Caring
Sponsor: Ampeak Design & Construction

Aprileen Ann Coh

Miss Community Service

Chinese/Filipina American | Age: 25 | So. San Francisco, CA
Academics: Grad Student at San Jose State University
Platform: Importance of Mentors
3 Words: Ambitious, Dedicated, Passionate
Sponsors: Ameristar Investment Inc.; Countrywide Home Loans; Prudential California Realty

Shana Kaur Dhillon

Indian American | Age: 20 | Hayward, CA
Academics: St. Mary’s
Platform: End Violence Against Women
3 Words: Positive, Charismatic, Inspired
Sponsor: Subway Development-Deep Dhindsa

Ayushka Singh Gharib

2nd Princess

Indian American | Age: 20 | Artesia, CA
Academics: Cerritos College
Platform: Global Warming
3 Words: Sincere, Kind, Beautiful

Seayoon Jeong

Miss Popularity

Korean American | Age: 27 | Duluth, GA
Academics: University of Pennsylvania
Platform: Foster Care System
3 Words: Intelligent, Passionate, Unique
Sponsors: Korean Antique Gallery Myu, Inc.; Law Office of Alex C. Park; Soon Mo Ahn & Associates;
Chrisal International, Inc.

Joo Hee Joa

Korean American | Age: 20 | Pleasant Hills, CA
Academics: UC Davis
Platform: Bridging Cultures
3 Words: Responsible, Caring Thoughtful
Sponsor: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Ilyssa Jing Lu

Miss Scholastic Achievement

Chinese American | Age: 25 | Boston, MA
Academics: MIT
Platform: Leadership in Technology
3 Words: Determined, Perceptive, Enthusiastic

Tiffani Frances Mah

1st Princess & Miss Asian California

Chinese American | Age: 24 | San Francisco, CA
Profession: Corporate Manager (Target)
Platform: Diversity in the Classroom
3 Words: Compassionate, Empathetic, Kind
Sponsors: Fong Brothers Printing, Inc. and Coldwell Banker Optima Realty

Jessika Ros Mejorada Malic

Filipina American | Age: 23 | Phoenix, AZ
Academics: Rio Salado College
Platform: Colon Cancer Awareness Among Asian-Americans
3 Words: Honest, Determined, Energetic
Sponsor: Miss Asia Arizona

Anna Lisa Pama Matias

Miss Talent

Filipino American | Age: 17 | Daly City, CA
Academics: Notre Dame Belmont
Platform: Human Trafficking
3 Words: Outgoing, Driven, Ambitious
Sponsor: The Arns Law Firm

Amy Ng

Miss Photogenic

Chinese American | Age: 23 | Seattle, WA
Profession: Financial Analyst
Platform: Healthy Life Style
3 Words: Strong-willed, Ambitious, Cheerful
Sponsor: Chu Supply, Inc.

Vi Ngo

Miss Congeniality

Vietnamese American | Age: 24 | Campbell, CA
Profession: Pharmaceutical Representative
Platform: Accepting Homosexuality
3 Words: Passionate, Genuine, Goal-oriented

Christine Mai Nguyen

Vietnamese American | Age: 19 | Fairfax, VA
Academics: Marymount Univ.
Platform: Organ Donation
3 Words: Passionate, Sociable, Unpredictable

Julie Shuk Chong Tam

Chinese American | Age: 25 | So. Lake Tahoe, CA
Academics: Johns Hopkins
Platform: Study Across Borders
3 Words: Ambitious, Compassionate, Gregarious

Stephanie Kim Truong

Vietnamese/Chinese American | Age: 21 | San Jose, CA
Academics: Evergreen Valley College
Platform: Promote Healthy Families
3 Words: Responsible, Understanding, Committed
Sponsor: Trung Lam Real Esate

Kristina Wang

Chinese American | Age: 22 | Fremont, CA
Academics: Ohlone College
Platform: Family Values
3 Words: Confident, Energetic, Intelligent

Louise Wu

Miss Asian America Queen

Chinese American | Age: 24 | Fremont, CA
Academics: Santa Clara Univ.
Platform: The American Red Cross
3 Words: Passionate, Ambitious, Compassionate
Sponsor: Prince of Peace

Tina Wu

Chinese American | Age: 23 | Flushing, NY
Academics: Adelphi Univ.
Platform: A Community Voice
3 Words: Strong, Confident, Outgoing
Sponsor: Fortune Hut

Poster Credit:

Poster Designed by Thomas Li | Photos by Calvin Jeng, Tyler Vu, Michael Trinh, Jet Photo

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