21st Annual Poster

Katie N. Au

Second Princess

Chinese/Hawaiian | Age: 23 | Seattle, WA
Profession: Realtor
Platform: Women Need a Positive Self-Image
3 Words: Determined, Passionate, Hard-working

Jessica Feng

First Princess & Miss Asian California

Chinese | Age: 25 | Los Angeles, CA
Academics: PhD at UCLA
Platform: Breaking Asian Women Stereotypes
3 Words: Honest, Sweet, Outgoing
Sponsor: Calvin Louie, CPA

Jennifer Field

Miss Asian America Queen & Miss Talent

Korean/English/ Irish/German | Age: 24 | San Jose, CA
Profession: Sales/Marketing
Platform: Keeping the Arts in Schools
3 Words: Passionate, Open-minded, Enthusiastic
Sponsor: By Th’ Bucket Bar & Grill

Pa Dao Her

Hmong | Age: 22 | Stockton, CA
Academics: University of the Pacific
Platform: “TEACH”-ing Beyond
3 Words: Optimistic, Driven, Compassionate

Diana Ji

Chinese | Age: 18 | Wappingers Falls, NY
Academics: Syracuse University
Platform: Increasing HIV/AIDS Awareness
3 Words: Energetic, Graceful, Motivated

Sulia Jiang

Chinese/Mongolian | Age: 21 | Marana, AZ
Academics: The University of Arizona
Platform: Hepatitis B Awareness
3 Words: Humble, Kind, Ambitious

Jayneen Lee

Chinese | Age: 21 | Oakland, CA
Academics: UC Davis
Platform: Asian American Women in Leadership Roles
3 Words: Unique, Outgoing, Ambitious
Sponsor: Legend Systems; Magna Copia Printing Center

Stephanie Quan Lee

Miss Photogenic

Chinese | Age: 20 | Fremont, CA
Academics: UC Berkeley
Platform: Raise Mental Health Awareness
3 Words: Vibrant, Eclectic, Insatiable
Sponsors: BEZ Financial Network, Inc.; Honda of Oakland

Shannon Louie

Chinese | Age: 24 | San Francisco, CA
Profession: Marketing Coordinator
Platform: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
3 Words: Wholesome, Passionate, Graceful
Sponsor: S.F. International Building Supply Co.; TEECOM Design Group

Jade Haunani Nacua-Monfils

Miss Scholastic Achievement

Filipino/Chinese/Indonesian/Dutch | Age: 24 | Coppell, TX
Profession: Fashion Design Trainee
Platform: Gang Intervention
3 Words: Gracious, Patient, Sincere
Sponsor: Jinbeh Japanese Restaurant

Jessie Nguyen

Miss Congeniality

Vietnamese | Age: 22 | San Francisco, CA
Academics: San Francisco State University
Platform: Fight Against Cancer
3 Words: Devoted, Loyal, Professional
Sponsor: California Waste Solutions

Sharla T. Nguyen

Vietnamese | Age: 25 | Anaheim, CA
Profession: Assistant Manager
Platform: American Soldiers: Our Heroes
3 Words: Intelligent, Ambitious, Genuine

Alyssa Xuan Phan

Miss Community Service

Vietnamese | Age: 22 | San Jose, CA
Academics: San Jose State University
Platform: Care for the Elderly
3 Words: Ambitious, Extroverted, Friendly
Sponsors: QC Credit Agency; Grand Sierra Resort & Casino

Janice Lee Quindara

Filipino | Age: 26 | Daly City, CA
Academics: Golden Gate University School of Law
Platform: Filipino Veterans Equity
3 Words: Loyal, Driven, Compassionate
Sponsor: As the World Tours

Tsue-Ting Shen

Chinese/Taiwanese | Age: 21 | San Diego, CA
Academics: UC San Diego
Platform: Expand Bilingual (ESL) Programs
3 Words: Warm, Elegant, Friendly
Sponsors: Core Pacific City Living Mall; Nissun Cap, Inc.

Christy Peggy Su

Chinese/Taiwanese | Age: 18 | Garland, TX
Academics: University of Texas
Platform: Creating Quality Education
3 Words: Ambitious, Aspiring, Affectionate

Bao Ngoc Chau To

Vietnamese | Age: 21 | Stone Mountain, GA
Academics: Georgia Institute of Technology
Platform: Stopping Human Trafficking
3 Words: Persistent, Altruistic, Comprehensive

Elizabeth Hara Wong

Chinese/Russian | Age: 23 | Los Angeles, CA
Profession: Actress
Platform: Breaking Out!
3 Words: Thoughtful, Determined, Fun
Sponsor: Wong Family Benevolent Association

Monica You

Third Princess

Cambodian/Khmer | Age: 21 | Mira Loma, CA
Profession: Sales Manager
Platform: Sexual Abuse Awareness
3 Words: Charismatic, Self-motivated, Genuine

Claire Yuan

Miss Asian San Francisco

Chinese | Age: 19 | Daly City, CA
Academics: UC San Diego
Platform: Environmental Protection
3 Words: Responsible, Diverse, Open-minded
Sponsor: Sing Tao Daily

Poster Credit:

Poster Designed by Bill Chin | Photos by Tyler Vu, Calvin Jeng, Kevin Chiem

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