Miss Asian America Pageant and Our Common Commitment to Community, Social Responsibility, and Integrity

Aug 07, 2010

Message from Our Executive Director


Twenty five years ago when this pageant was first envisaged by Rose Chung, the world was a stark place. In the United States, Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was beaten to death with blows to the head from a baseball bat in June 1982 in Detroit, Michigan by two Chrysler plant workers angry with growing Japanese car sales. A pan-ethnic Asian American movement was thus born. Yet to this day, injustices remain and human rights violations persist. Asian Americans increasingly face invisible forms of discrimination and hate in a multitude of settings such as university admissions and high level corporate hiring according to Labor Department data.

We ask our contestants to transform the world, to achieve good and abandon false ideals that blind our collective moral compasses. And at the core of our mission, is a Commitment to Community, Social Responsibility, and Integrity.

The Miss Asian America Pageant, as an EPIC-approved International organization, follows the strict guidelines of our accrediting body and endorses a Uniform Code of Ethics and Rules of Censure. In addition, Miss Asian America Pageant officially employs a Fair, Standards-Based Point System. Adopting standards from the academic literature on education, Miss Asian America Pageant has identified various functions of a judge’s role of assigning points based on a fair and standards based system: to describe unambiguously the worth of the work accomplished; to stimulate good performance; to inform the judge about what contestants have and have not learned; and to select people for rewards.

At the Miss Asian America Pageant, we understand that judges bring in all sorts of perspectives, life backgrounds, career knowledge, and technical know-how to the table. Judges are invited to share these diverse backgrounds, but also, they are asked to follow this Fair, Standards-Based Point System, which involves the following:

  • Judge on the basis of contestants’ demonstrated ability in each segment: Judges are instructed to base evaluations solely on performance in an individual segment, eliminating other considerations that are not specifically listed in the Judging Guidelines, such as performance in another segment, personality traits learned from the interview segment, or other non-relevant criteria.
  • Clearly state judging procedures: Each contestant has been provided a copy of the same booklet provided to judges, including everything judges have been asked to look for in each segment. Contestants understand what and how they will be judged in each segment. Just as a teacher provides a rubric for students on how to get an “A” paper, we have also provided a rubric to contestants.
  • Accurately calculating scores: The Miss Asian America Pageant is proud to have Mah & Associates, LLP, a certified public accounting, as our Official Tabulator.

We are proud of our commitment to social responsibility and our community and we hope you will share in our aspirations. I am often reminded of what I learned as a compliance analyst at Goldman Sachs: Our assets are our people, capital and reputation. “If any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore. We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us. Our continued success depends upon unswerving adherence to this standard.”

Everything from our support of APA Family Support Services and Stanford University’s Asian Liver Center, to calculating our scores fairly, we are committed to instilling and passing on a culture of responsibility, because like 25 years ago, we remain in a stark place.

Our team of volunteers all sign up to adhere to the same standards of ethical behavior and the Miss Asian America Pageant strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry. And today, we stand proud and humbled because of our community’s work and your support. The Miss Asian America Pageant is proud to celebrate 25 years of Community, Social Responsibility, and Integrity.

Deo juvante,

Jeffrey Kwong

Executive Director
Source: 25th Annual Miss Asian America Pageant

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