Look Forward to New Challenges and Changes

Aug 05, 2006

Message from Our President & Founder


It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 21st Annual Miss Asian America Pageant!
As we look forward to new challenges and changes in the coming decade, it is important to reflect on the work and mission of the Miss Asian America Pageant.

For the past 20 years, we have built a community that includes almost 500 contestants and hundreds of hard working individuals who have put their valuable time, skills, and talent into producing the show you see tonight. Through these efforts, we have produced a program that benefits the Asian American community, and that is why we are proud to call ourselves the Face of Asian America as we continue working to build a stronger and vibrant Asian American community.

Over the years, we have seen great changes in the community around us. Our national leaders like Labor Secretary Elaine Chao or our very own, Mona lee Locke, Miss Asian America 1986 and First Lady of the State of Washington, reflect the progress Asian Americans continue to make in these United States. Our contestants tonight, the future leaders of our community and this nation, promise to fight for tort reform, cancer research, and veteran services. These promising dreams all indicate that we only have a brighter and more promising future to look forward to. We extend our gratitude to you for your generous support of our work and these young and inspirational women.

    On behalf of the Miss Asian America Pageant Family, we wish to express our deep gratitude to our 2005-2006 Queen and Court:
  • Kollyn Muangmaithong, Miss Asian America & Miss Talent
  • Carolyn Michaelis, First Princess & Miss Asian California
  • Shana Dhillon, Second Princess & Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Kara Birkenstock, Third Princess & Miss Community Service
  • Masae Nakayama, Miss Scholastic Achievement
  • Linda Phung, Miss Congeniality
  • Michele Chen, Miss Asian Teen

Thank you for being a part of our legacy and for carrying your titles with honor, grace, and beauty.

Thank you for your generous and vital support.

Together, let us build a stronger Asian American community for the future.

Rose Chung


Source: 21st Annual Miss Asian America Pageant Program book

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