Investing in Our Next Generation

Aug 08, 2009

Message from Our President & Founder


40.6 million – by 2050, that will be the number of Americans that will be of Asian descent, comprising a total of 9 percent of the total population. The Asian American community is forging new paths in our country. We now have three Asian American members of the Cabinet (one of them, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke is married to one of our very own Miss Asian America 1986, Mona Lee Locke). Our community is dynamic, with a large proportion of younger people, the largest proportion of college graduates, and the highest median income compared to all other ethnic groups. A large proportion of Asian Americans are employed in management and professional occupations and despite misperceptions most speak only English at home or speak English very well. I share this because we as a community must harness our potential, invest in our youth, and secure an even brighter future for the next generation.

The Miss Asian America Pageant is dedicated to that promise of investing in our next generation. Your support tonight enables us to continue to educate our contestants and the communities we touch. We are participating in a new initiative in alumni and professional mentoring as we continue our commitments to our existing partnerships. Whether it be educational programs on pressing health issues facing Asian Americans, or raising political awareness through voter registration, or supporting our Asian American veterans, we strive to pass on a legacy of community empowerment and continual investment in our community. 2050 is a short way ahead.

Tonight’s celebration reflects the diversity, talent, and success of Asian America and I thank you for your support. In particular, l owe my gratitude to our 2008-2009 court:

  • Louisa Liu, Miss Asian America & Miss Talent
  • Mary Saleh, 1st Princess & Miss Asian California
  • Nina Kasuga, 2nd Princess
  • Stephanie Karlik, 3rd Princess
  • Lisa Ma, Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Chelsea Kuo, Miss Congeniality
  • Shan Yu, Miss Scholastic Achievement
  • Stephanie Wong, Miss Community Service
  • Veronica Sartori, Miss Photogenic

But most of all, I wish to express my gratitude to the support of the community, especially sponsors and my loyal friends – staff and volunteers who make this event possible. Your ability to meet challenges and provide much-needed time and energy is crucial to the continual day-to-day running of this organization.

Rose Chung

President & Founder

Source: 24th Annual Miss Asian America Pageant Program book

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