Embracing a Positive Life

Miss Asian Global Susie Lee

Miss Asian Global Susie Lee

Welcome to our “Beauty within Series.” This week’s guest writer is Lisa Butler.

The focus on social and personal growth, goals and opportunities is in line with the most current research in psychology, which teaches us that personality is what matters and determines success both in personal and professional life. Repeatedly psychological research has shown that empathy, interpersonal understanding and emotional intelligence is the key for our health and happiness. Empathy - our ability to understand the experiences of others is biologically instilled in our bodies. Good interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence – our ability to understand our own self and others, bring us the sense of overall well-being and physical health according to current scientific research. The new strain of psychological theory and research dubbed the science of happiness was started by the renown psychologist Martin Seligman and his brand of positive psychology. For the longest time psychology as a science was focused on the problems, their causes and their solutions.  Armies of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors tried to heal mental illnesses, deepening the understanding of human problems, difficulties and causes of suffering. Seligman turned this direction on its head seeking to deepen the understanding of what makes us happier. He set out “to make normal life more fulfilling.” Instead of focusing on weaknesses, positive psychology focuses on strengths, virtues and talents. This kind of scientific research seeks to promote positive experiences, relationships and institutions.

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