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Optimism Can Be Learned

To continue our “Beauty within Series,”  read this week’s article by guest writer Lisa Butler.

It is often repeated that optimistic people are both happier and healthier, that they manage everyday life adversities with more ease and greater success than the pessimistic ones. Martin Seligman in his book Learned Optimism, argues that this approach to life can be learned. No one can avoid adversity, no one lives without any problems, but finding foundations in our best characteristics and finding ways to make them stronger may go along way to alleviate life’s woes. Some simple tricks can help. It is good to remember that trauma and adversity does not last forever, nor that it is the only thing in life. Nevertheless, the problems do not pass on their own, rather they are left behind by the active personalities who move on exercising all of their best traits.

While lovely faces may be striking and recognizable in an instant, they are not the only manifestation of beauty. The delegates of Miss Asian America Pageant bring much more to this competition. They integrate personal and professional development, community engagement and charitable work bringing positive experiences to each other and to the general public. Celebrating congeniality, community service, entrepreneurial and scholastic achievements goes a long way to assert the values identified by positive psychology. They show that only well rounded development of personality meets with recognition and success. Further more, they show that these are the foundations for so much more than a bi-annual glamorous event. They provide intriguing role models in our globalized world and examples of true and enduring beauty.

Building Authenticity and Self-Esteem

Welcome to our “Beauty within Series.” This week’s guest writer is Lisa Butler.

Positive psychology, which enjoys prominence in psychological departments of some of main universities in the United States, like at Ivy League Penn State, identifies six main personal strengths that will bring enduring benefits to ourselves and others. This six core strengths that we can all cultivate are wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. This requires promotion of specific traits and behaviors. We can increase our wisdom and knowledge by activating creativity, curiosity open-mindedness and innovation. Bravery integrity and persistence are the foundation of courage, while kindness love and social intelligence are the bases of humanity. Justice is exercised through fair leadership, that goes so well with the exercise of temperance such as forgiveness, mercy, prudence and self-control. Finally transcendence – appreciation of beauty and spirituality and striving for excellence completes the course of personal development.

Embracing a Positive Life

Miss Asian Global Susie Lee

Miss Asian Global Susie Lee

Welcome to our “Beauty within Series.” This week’s guest writer is Lisa Butler.

The focus on social and personal growth, goals and opportunities is in line with the most current research in psychology, which teaches us that personality is what matters and determines success both in personal and professional life. Repeatedly psychological research has shown that empathy, interpersonal understanding and emotional intelligence is the key for our health and happiness. Empathy - our ability to understand the experiences of others is biologically instilled in our bodies. Good interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence – our ability to understand our own self and others, bring us the sense of overall well-being and physical health according to current scientific research. The new strain of psychological theory and research dubbed the science of happiness was started by the renown psychologist Martin Seligman and his brand of positive psychology. For the longest time psychology as a science was focused on the problems, their causes and their solutions.  Armies of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors tried to heal mental illnesses, deepening the understanding of human problems, difficulties and causes of suffering. Seligman turned this direction on its head seeking to deepen the understanding of what makes us happier. He set out “to make normal life more fulfilling.” Instead of focusing on weaknesses, positive psychology focuses on strengths, virtues and talents. This kind of scientific research seeks to promote positive experiences, relationships and institutions.

Beauty within Series

Miss Asian America Emily Tang and Former Assemblywoman Fiona MaWelcome to our “Beauty within Series.” We will update this weekly. This week’s guest writer is Lisa Butler.

Achieving True and Complete Beauty

Miss Asian America Pageant celebrates a very particular notion of beauty that includes not only the remarkable looks of the delegates, but also their talents, sense of style and personalities. This pageant showcases personal development stories, achievement, charity and community work like fundraisers for APA Family Support Services and Hep B Free SF.

The delegates set an example to be followed in so many areas of social life. It is difficult to over estimate the importance of this process. As Albert Schweitzer has said: “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” personal authenticity – being true to oneself and mindful in the interactions with others is the basis of personal and professional success. Both of these can be further developed and the most up-to-date psychological research shows us both the direction and the specific techniques to accomplish this goal.