Building Authenticity and Self-Esteem

Welcome to our “Beauty within Series.” This week’s guest writer is Lisa Butler.

Positive psychology, which enjoys prominence in psychological departments of some of main universities in the United States, like at Ivy League Penn State, identifies six main personal strengths that will bring enduring benefits to ourselves and others. This six core strengths that we can all cultivate are wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence. This requires promotion of specific traits and behaviors. We can increase our wisdom and knowledge by activating creativity, curiosity open-mindedness and innovation. Bravery integrity and persistence are the foundation of courage, while kindness love and social intelligence are the bases of humanity. Justice is exercised through fair leadership, that goes so well with the exercise of temperance such as forgiveness, mercy, prudence and self-control. Finally transcendence – appreciation of beauty and spirituality and striving for excellence completes the course of personal development.

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