Behind the Glitz and Glamour

Aug 10, 2014

By: Dennis Woo, Queen Search Coordinator

Pageant week was filled with anticipation and excitement.

One of the main concerns throughout the entire pageant week was choreography. Since day one, on top of their busy schedules with sponsor visits and public appearances, our delegates were rehearsing, rehearsing, and rehearsing whenever they had the time. By the second day, most of them had already been functioning on adrenalin due to a lack of sleep.

Over the course of pageant week, I was a fly on the wall, which I quite enjoyed as I was able to notice the array of personalities within our group of delegates: vivacious, timid, intellectual, cultural, and outgoing just to name a few. I was also able to observe as these ladies lent their helping hands to one another during the rehearsals and events; they embraced sisterhood and were there for each other when some were emotionally or physically ill. In short, they no longer viewed this as a pageant but more so as a production which involved a tremendous amount of teamwork, love, patience…and a bit of glamour.

Pageant week ended on a high note.

By the time of the crowning ceremony, it seemed as if it was no longer a competition because each of these young, talented ladies had already won. They gave their very best out on stage, and now they have friends from different parts of the world. These delegates gained poise, an even greater cultural pride, and confidence to be the person they truly wish to be.

But of course, there were only so many who were awarded crowns and sashes on our pageant stage. Amongst the delegates, some were proud and overfilled with joy and excitement, while others were emotionally let down and disappointed. It was a lot to take in for all of them. But after their experiences in our pageant, I have noticed that they have left with greater knowledge and matured growth. After all, “perceived failure is oftentimes success trying to be born in a bigger way.” Those who continue their journey in pageantry will go on to win more titles, and those who competed for the first time will be titleholders in the future with our training. There is absolutely no doubt each and every one of them will do great things from this point forward.

To the 27 delegates, crowns and sashes do not define whether or not you are a role-model. As long as you have the motivation and fuel, you yourself can surely take action and successfully make a change in your community. Something I always tell myself is: “It is not about being the best; it is about doing your best. Everything which comes after that is no longer your decision but fate’s decision.”

Having been involved with the organization since 2005, I can say that our pageant is definitely more than a pageant. Ultimately, we are a big family, and we fully support our delegates, former and present, in their endeavors. We as an organization are very proud to have provided the stepping stones for these amazing ladies. This is only the beginning; we look forward to witnessing what the future holds for each and every one of them.

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