Beauty within Series

Miss Asian America Emily Tang and Former Assemblywoman Fiona MaWelcome to our “Beauty within Series.” We will update this weekly. This week’s guest writer is Lisa Butler.

Achieving True and Complete Beauty

Miss Asian America Pageant celebrates a very particular notion of beauty that includes not only the remarkable looks of the delegates, but also their talents, sense of style and personalities. This pageant showcases personal development stories, achievement, charity and community work like fundraisers for APA Family Support Services and Hep B Free SF.

The delegates set an example to be followed in so many areas of social life. It is difficult to over estimate the importance of this process. As Albert Schweitzer has said: “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” personal authenticity – being true to oneself and mindful in the interactions with others is the basis of personal and professional success. Both of these can be further developed and the most up-to-date psychological research shows us both the direction and the specific techniques to accomplish this goal.

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