A Much Larger and Dynamic Tapestry

Aug 11, 2007

Message from Our President & Founder


We are in the midst of witnessing an unprecedented era of increasing global connectivity, integration and interdependence and Asian Americans are increasingly forming global connections, rediscovering their native cultures, languages, and peoples.

Reciprocal influences can be witnessed between America and Asia. Many Asian Americans are providing much needed capital to their relations, reinvigorating local economies and also, unexpectedly discovering lost cultural and religious practices. Globalization has allowed Asian Americans to reaffirm and even remake their own ethnic identity in a distinctive manner.

But in the process, we are also increasingly united and tightly bound as one. The problems that we see and face as a community no longer carry local distinctions, but are rather part of a much larger and dynamic tapestry. Looking at the issues raised by the contestants in this 22nd Annual Miss Asian America Pageant, it is noteworthy that the many problems raised by our next generation are inherently universal, requiring a global perspective. I hope the event tonight will not only serve as the much needed platform to project the voices of our community nationwide, but will also connect Asian America with Asia and the world.

Tonight’s celebration reflects the diversity, talent, and success of Asian America and I thank you for your support. In particular, I owe my gratitude to our 2006-2007 court:

  • Jennifer Field, Miss Asian America & Miss Talent
  • Jessica Feng, First Princess & Miss Asian California
  • Claire Yuan, Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Katie Au, Second Princess
  • Monica You, Third Princess
  • Stephanie Quan Lee, Miss Photogenic
  • Jade Haunani Nacua-Monfils, Miss Scholastic Achievement
  • Jessie Nguyen, Miss Congeniality
  • Alyssa Xuan Phan, Miss Community Service

But most of all, I wish to express my gratitude to my community, especially sponsors and my loyal friends – staff and volunteers who make this event possible. Your ability to meet challenges and provide much-needed time and energy is key to the success of this organization.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest admiration and regard to Lance Corporal Daniel Kim, a longtime volunteer and member of the Miss Asian America Organization who is now serving with the Marines’ Regimental Combat Team 6. On June 22, 20-year old Daniel was on patrol north of Fallujah when his armored vehicle was rocked by a huge blast. Despite suffering injury, Daniel, the crew chief of a 26-ton amphibious assault vehicle, immediately aided his colleague, saving his fellow Marine. This kind of bravery epitomizes the heroism and patriotism our nation celebrates and as always, the Miss Asian America Organization joins in remembering and saluting our servicemen and women here and abroad.

Rose Chung


Source: 22nd Annual Miss Asian America Pageant Program book

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