Asian American Community & Our Nation

Aug 23, 2008

Message from Our President & Founder


2008 is an important year for Asian Americans. With the Beijing Olympics and warming relations over the Taiwan Straits and the Korean peninsula, Americans, and indeed the world, are paying added attention to the future of Asia.

The Miss Asian America Pageant continues its legacy as a bridge between the Asian American community and our nation as we educate our communities of our shared cultural heritage and provide a positive image to all Americans as the face of Asian America.

Today over 15 million Americans are descended from Asia and we make great strides every day in making our country a more diverse and better place. Our sponsors, some of the leading Asian American entrepreneurs, testify to the economic power our community plays and the Miss Asian America Pageant thanks all our supporters for their commitment to our scholarship and leadership programs. In the past few years, economic ties with Asia, in particular India and Korea through various trade agreements have further strengthened the competitiveness of our community in a globalizing world.

The next Miss Asian America will be an important voice for our community. America remains a hopeful place in large part because of the youthful ideas we all bring to the table. In supporting the next generation of Asian American women tonight, we are helping all of our inspiring contestants to lift up their voices and advance our community. Their platforms are wide and expansive but they all point to one thing: a commitment to this country and the world. Many of our forefathers came to this country fleeing oppression and our contestants across the years have included immigrants and descendants of the Boat People of Vietnam, daughters of Cambodian refugees fleeing the killing fields, and the survivors of the Cultural Revolution. We can remedy the struggles of our community and by playing a more influential voice in highlighting the horrors of Burmese suppression or North Korean hunger happening today. Our contestants tonight will help highlight these issues and be a voice for a better tomorrow.

Tonight’s celebration reflects the diversity, talent, and success of Asian America and I thank you for your support, especially sponsors and my loyal friends – staff and volunteers who make this event possible. Your ability to meet challenges and provide much-needed time and energy is key to the success of this organization. In particular, I owe my gratitude to our 2007-2008 Queen and court:

  • Louise Wu, Miss Asian America
  • Tiffani Mah, 1st Princess & Miss Asian California
  • Ayushka Sing Gharib, 2nd Princess
  • Amy Chu, 3rd Princess & Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Amy Ng, Miss Photogenic
  • Seayoon Jeong, Miss Popularity
  • Ilyssa Lu, Miss Scholastic Achievement
  • Aprileen Coh, Miss Community Service
  • Anna Lisa Matias, Miss Talent
  • Vi Ngo, Miss Congeniality

May you continue your good work as ambassadors of the Miss Asian America Organization.

Rose Chung


Source: 23rd Annual Miss Asian America Pageant Program book

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