Susan Lin

Chinese American   |   Age 23   |   Davis, CA

A special thank you to all my family, friends, and sponsors that have supported me throughout this pageant. I am thankful and grateful for having you all in my life!

Academic and Work History: UC Davis (BS, Nutrition Science ‘08) /Quality Control Analyst

Platform: Encouraging others to volunteer and give back to their community. My platform is important to the Asian American community because I believe that volunteering is one of the key factors in maintaining a close and functional community.

Role Model: Michelle Kwan: I remember being a little girl and idolizing how hard Michelle Kwan had to work to be one of the very best ice skaters. She inspires me to do my best and never give up because every time she fell or did not win the gold, she would always get back up, try harder, refuse to give up, and in the end she came out successful.

Sponsor: Darren Zhao

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