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Pageant Turns 25: Top 10 Unforgettable Staff Stories

Jan 01, 2011

1. One year, the pageant received the wrong shipment of trophies. Instead of trophies with a beauty queen, they received trophies with a male figure in a swim trunk holding a victory wreath above his head.
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Miss Asian America Pageant and Our Common Commitment to Community, Social Responsibility, and Integrity

Aug 07, 2010

Message from Our Executive Director


Twenty five years ago when this pageant was first envisaged by Rose Chung, the world was a stark place. In the United States, Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was beaten to death with blows to the head from a baseball bat in June 1982 in Detroit, Michigan by two Chrysler plant workers angry with growing Japanese car sales. A pan-ethnic Asian American movement was thus born. Yet to this day, injustices remain and human rights violations persist. Asian Americans increasingly face invisible forms of discrimination and hate in a multitude of settings such as university admissions and high level corporate hiring according to Labor Department data.

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