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June 7: Watch the 2014 Pageant on KTSF

Jun 02, 2015

Sunday June 7, 2015
9:30p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Watch on KTSF, Channel 26, cable/satellite Channel 8

In support of the APA Family Support Services Telethon, relive the 2014 Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant on Bay Area TV. APA Family Support Services is a nonprofit organization established in 1987. The skilled and dedicated bilingual, multilingual and bicultural staff serve San Francisco throughout the city in five locations, providing quality services that ensure that immigrant families and children achieve the promise of success.

KTSF- KTSF and ATV has generously come together support the APA Telethon. Watch the APA Telethon on KTSF, Channel 26, cable/satellite Channel 8 on Sunday June 7, 2015 from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Behind the Glitz and Glamour

Aug 10, 2014

By: Dennis Woo, Queen Search Coordinator

Pageant week was filled with anticipation and excitement.

One of the main concerns throughout the entire pageant week was choreography. Since day one, on top of their busy schedules with sponsor visits and public appearances, our delegates were rehearsing, rehearsing, and rehearsing whenever they had the time. By the second day, most of them had already been functioning on adrenalin due to a lack of sleep.

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Emma Marriot, crowned Miss Asian Global & Jennifer Chung, crowned Miss Asian America

Aug 05, 2014

August 5, 2014

San Francisco –Emma Marriot, 20, was crowned Miss Asian Global and Jennifer Chung, 21, was crowned Miss Asian America at the 2014 Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant held on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco.

Emma Marriot hails from Stanford, CA and is ethnically Chinese and Welsh. She is a student at Stanford University, Class of 2016 majoring in Computer Science in the School of Engineering. Most recently, she had the honor of receiving the NSF Fellowship for the 2014 Biocomplexity Summer School and Credit Suisse 2014 IT Women’s Mentorship Program. Her past work experience includes, conducting scientific research at ETH Zurich, Stanford University, and Tsinghua University, among others the past few years. In addition, her dazzling talent performance of Chopin’s celebrated Ballade #1 in G Minor awarded her the Miss Talent title. Read more »

Meet Our 2014 Judges

Aug 01, 2014

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Meet our 2014 Emcees

Jul 29, 2014

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